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  1. Insurance reimbursement and repairs not made
  2. eBay/Amazon taxes
  3. Pay IRS Tax
  4. Please help!! Desperate Tax Question
  5. 501(c)(3)
  6. Filing for Extension?
  7. When and how to report SE income:
  8. Point at which to stop charging sales tax for customer with new reseller license
  9. Business office Schedule C
  10. capital gain tax
  11. Capital and non-capital losses
  12. Fringe Benefits?
  13. New business S-corp or LLC?
  14. Meals between two jobs
  15. Trading Stocks & Shares as LTD vs Personal
  16. Statutory Maternity Pay / Company Tax Return
  17. Section 179 deductions
  18. Receiving and Returning a Bonus the Same Year
  19. Shareholder ownership % increases. Taxable
  20. Import taxes and duties help !!
  21. rebate or not?
  22. payslips and wages are different
  23. Partnership - K-1
  24. Trust and EIN
  25. Wages in COGS
  26. Employee Social Clubs
  27. Lodging as compensation & FEI Exclusion
  28. Understatement of Income & Tax Liability
  29. S Corp Becoming C Corp
  30. Refinance Mortgage Question
  31. S Corporation Subsidiary
  32. Can trust take over the capital loss carried over
  33. 1099-MISC Gross Rent or Net Rent
  34. Class Action Settlement from a stock in the IRA fund
  35. taxes not filed
  36. Need help with NRA and Amended Return Issues
  37. PAYE and additional income
  38. Payroll tax and Reimbursement.
  39. UK physiotherapist corp tax
  40. Sales Tax in Accounts Payable- Question
  41. Tax Implications for an Unorthodox Case
  42. Moved from PR, Live in NM but get paid from PR, unemployment and tax questions.
  43. Schedule C or investment earnings?
  44. Does anyone know what CHX3 means?
  45. Pros and Cons of Residency Status on US Tax Filing
  46. Allowance for Services Outsourcing in China
  47. How does the long term capital gain get lower tax rate?
  48. Cash Back From Credit Card
  49. mistakenly using the employer EIN as my own
  50. Child Care Credit
  51. S CORPORATION TAX question
  52. how to file someone who suddenly got a good social security #?
  53. Delaware LLC - UK resident Member
  54. Business owner unpaid collected sales tax in NJ
  55. mexican taxation
  56. How to handle taxes on a side job
  57. What could have gone wrong with this tax return?
  58. Marketing as a business
  59. someone with a fake ss, now has a good ss number
  60. can this 21 year old girl claim her brother
  61. Are state estate taxes deductible on 1041
  62. Taxation in the US for Swiss Social Security Benefits
  63. IRA Contributions
  64. Sales tax reporting question for 501c3
  65. MYOB versus Xero
  66. wrong EIN on W-2 payroll report
  67. Precedence for amended return
  68. Estimated Tax Underpayment/Interest Penalty
  69. Am I overpaying my accountant?
  70. Investment Advisory Fees - 2% of AGI Deduction
  71. California one time tax gift?
  72. Where to register for VAT
  73. Reporting 1099-B Escrow Holdback for sale in 2011
  74. Paid cash for home, then took out mortgage
  75. Investment club llp
  76. Vat - cote d'ivoire
  77. New tax practice, new client, unbelievable books...what to do?
  78. TAX Trading Income
  79. Company Assets Split/Chargeable Gains
  80. Early Roth distribution - basis unknown
  81. Reporting S Corp's Employer Excess Contriution-SIMPLE IRA
  82. Water Damage IRS Deduction
  83. 1099 question regarding SEP distributions
  84. Rental to Personal Residence and Back
  85. Fiscal Year/Calendar Year Confusion with Massachusetts filing
  86. truck deductions
  87. VAT on imports
  88. Claiming Parents
  89. Use of both Child car tax credit and Flexible Spending Account
  90. Cis tax and VAT in wrong order
  91. When filing an amended federal, how to proceed with the state if you havent sent it
  92. what documents to include with a paper filing?
  93. Is there a way to cancel a tax which has been electronically sent
  94. LLC holds mortgage loan
  95. TurboTax Question
  96. IRC 121 exclusion for joint ownership of undivided co-op share
  97. could filing form8919 cause any trouble for your employer
  98. what are the chances of my friend being audited
  99. US Tax Return
  100. capital gains tax
  101. Capital gains and the kiddie tax
  102. W2 Box 15, 16, 17
  103. How do I "get out" of this mess
  104. Sales Tax
  105. form 8880 irs
  106. 1099-MISC Question about refund
  107. VAT Payments/Returns
  108. Can this travel be claimed
  109. Tax return
  110. Accountant charges
  111. 1099-Misc Copy 2 question
  112. Using Short Term Capital Losses carry-over
  113. Overdrawn Director's Loan? (UK based only)
  114. Deductions for rental apartment
  115. Primary Group Coverage?
  116. Earned Income Credit
  117. Federal Tax Was Not Filed
  118. Tax deferred college savings from sale of rental
  119. California / Cost Basis
  120. Second Property Question
  121. Sole Proprietor - Taxes & Foreign Payment
  122. VAT Returms
  123. Depreciation Recapture on Business Real Estate
  124. agriculture "waver" in California
  125. Pilot Tax Help
  126. Gifted/Deeded House
  127. 990-N never filed and 501 status
  128. Promissory Notes, Interest Income, & Non-monetary Investments
  129. Do government contractors have sales tax exempt?
  130. Preferred Tax Software
  131. tax question
  132. Accessing 2012 Schedule B
  133. Calculating Basis or Real Estate
  134. Credit Card Payoff
  135. Exception to rebates not being taxable?
  136. a form 1040 2012 without Background color
  137. Capital gains on primary residence
  138. Maximum interest rate allowed on loan to a business
  139. Help Need w/ Gross / Net Sales
  140. How do you classify book royalties paid to a client on tax form?
  141. K1 or Schedule C?
  142. Not for Profit Theatrical question
  143. Finished Product Donation?
  144. Pay back family loan
  145. question about writing off legal costs
  146. Cst
  147. mortgage interest refund
  148. Not for profit 990n and others
  149. Nine years of taxes not filed
  150. Fully excludable home sale
  151. Capital Gains exclusion question
  152. Tax Refund Still Not Received
  153. Stepped Up Valuation of AB Trust Assets
  154. Rental property
  155. EC Sales
  156. NI Contributions
  157. Fringe benefit tax
  158. Form 1065 for a foreign company
  159. Payment of travel expenses?
  160. Nanny tax question
  161. Please,Anybody Help Me
  162. Notice of Deficiency and No change letter
  163. wealth statement
  164. Never used Delaware LLC - what to do
  165. Adding parents to a real estate deed
  166. What forms do I need.
  167. Capital Allowances for Taxi, Taxi Plate and radio Position
  168. Reporting income from land rents
  169. Booking mortgage principle payments
  170. Filling a tax return
  171. Why do gifts get taxed?
  172. safe harbor method of accounting on luxry car
  173. Selling property tax question
  174. Help with Form 1065
  175. Filing separately
  176. schedule A medical expense deductions when I have an HSA
  177. CT NY residency question
  178. Handling Sales Tax for 3rd party
  179. Tax treatment of business bad debt
  180. Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax on rental property
  181. Deductibility of Employee Restrictive Covenant
  182. Accounting
  183. Tax refund, 3 months internship in another state
  184. Is it possible to get more than the withholding from child credit?
  185. Wash Sale Rules & Mutual Fund Closeout
  186. Yearly average currency exchange rates
  187. Tax news websites
  188. SMSF Unit Trusts
  189. Imputed Interest Question
  190. sales tax in VA
  191. Estimated Tax for Individuals
  192. Tax rules
  193. Paying partner abroad his share of royalties
  194. Additional Assessment
  195. Complex Tax Law
  196. TT Deluxe or TT Premier
  197. Am I a paid tax preparer
  198. Substitute for a 1099 from foreign companies?
  199. Trust as Estate under 645
  200. Failure to report capital gains
  201. Paid as a 1099-misc while working as a W-2 employee
  202. Average Cost Method Applied to Mutual Fund Shares
  203. Do I need a corrected W-2?
  204. IRA unclaimed for 7 years HELP!
  205. Client refund issue for 2012 taxes
  206. W2 Error - Sum of State Taxes Greater than total Earned
  207. Question about consolidated tax return
  208. Best 1099 online filing website
  209. Expenses and Tax
  210. 1099 question
  211. Should you pay tax for HYIP earnings?
  212. California sales tax
  213. Contractor , sub contracting - Tax question
  214. Year End Question
  215. Business vs Individual Income
  216. interest on invoices taxable to customer?
  217. Taxes on Form 1120
  218. Sec 179 deduction strategy
  219. Deduct business loss w/o profit?
  220. Paying a foreign employee or employee of parent company from subsidiary
  221. Text books or learning material
  222. NRNC Beneficiary Estate Taxes
  223. Death tax vs. Gift Tax
  224. Inventory -Donating vs Loss
  225. Charitable organisations & allowable expenses
  226. What is the time limit for paying the Service Tax to the Govt.?
  227. Export of Services be liable for payment of Service Tax
  228. state w2 vs fed w2 for tax basis
  229. Do I need to collect sales Tax?
  230. If UK Ir35 rules are abolished
  231. Payroll Audit
  232. medical-paid by insurance, tax deductible
  233. VAT - back dated issues
  234. Cash deposits
  235. Divorce and income tax questions
  236. help with a tax question.
  237. CA Property Tax Deductible Bonds, Fees, etc
  238. UK - "Work for hire" from USA
  239. How to handle business expenses?
  240. Roth IRA Withdraw Question
  241. Family Trusts
  242. Unmarried couple bought house - should we split mortgage deduction?
  243. Help
  244. Deducting a Projector
  245. Kind of a dumb question
  246. tax implications buying shares of a C corp
  247. Depletion - a tax benefit?
  248. Rally Team Sponsorship (Tax Help)?
  249. General Questions (Starting a business) (UK)
  250. Tax rebate