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  1. correcting coding errors after payment has been issued
  2. convert from to sl depreciation
  3. Opened LLC, became S Corp. Can I convert back to LLC?
  4. Break-even analysis with same var cost!
  5. Recording bank transactions
  6. Determining Cost When There Isn't An Obvious Cost
  7. Fixed Assets
  8. Best tax entity to establish
  9. (Seriously HELP!) Non US Resident - Single Owner And Manager Of a Nevada LLC
  10. S-Corp and Individual Tax Deadlines
  11. Nonresident alien income tax
  12. How does it work when I accept funding for equity in my current single-LLC?
  13. a new LLC
  14. Taxation of C Corp (Capital Gain & Business Losses)
  15. Balance Sheet for small business
  16. Statutory Maternity Pay / Company Tax Return
  17. US Business Registration As a Non US Resident
  18. Income Statement Presentation (US GAAP)
  19. Assessment Statute for Negative LLC Capital Account
  20. How should I record merchandise pruchased from myself, LLC?
  21. Credit card deposits
  22. Expanding my U.S corporation into Canada
  23. Tax Thresholds
  24. EBITA used for Bonus payment calculation
  25. Transfer of Assets between 2 Sole Proprietorships
  26. cooperative housing corporations taxaxtion
  27. coop housing corporation
  28. Business purchase with SBA Loan
  29. S Corp becoming C Corp
  30. S Corp Distribution in Excess of Stock Basis
  31. Foreign Corp Issue
  32. Publicy-traded firms NOT FOOTNOTING racketeering activities on their "statements of f
  33. Bank Reconciliation Assistance Needed
  34. 2 freight accounts in cogs section
  35. seller finance buy-in
  36. Maintenance and repair or Capital improvement
  37. COGS vs Expense Account
  38. LLC filing as S-Corp - Benefits
  39. CT600 submission for period longer than 12 months problem...
  40. Online Sales Tax: Question
  41. Closing a Limited Company
  42. Question regarding Education expense
  43. Closing a newly formed Limited Company
  44. Which one is better 1099 or W2
  45. Foreign Tax Withholding & Certificates?
  46. Zero Payslip
  47. 3 publicly-traded not footnoting "racketeering activities" on firms' balance sheets
  48. Purchasing a Business with Debt
  49. Closing a business
  50. Case during application process
  51. Can employer recoup payroll taxes?
  52. Small uk limited company corporation tax
  53. reclassifying 1040es payments to 941
  54. Commercial Property Depreciation
  55. S corporation W2 - FICA not withheld
  56. Implications of starting a company with partner residing overseas.
  57. Health Insurance Reimbursement?
  58. 100% Foreign partners LLC taxation and related questions
  59. Need second opinion regarding Section 179 loan payments.
  60. Need help with non-cash items
  61. Canadian company filing US tax
  62. How to calculate tax on S-corp profit distribution.
  63. LLC w/ S Election or Corp w/ S Election?
  64. Asset vs. Stock purchase
  65. Wyoming LLC with 3 CA members and 1 foreign company
  66. Final Trust return possible?
  67. 754 election upon death of LLC member
  68. Delayed W2 in S corp
  69. S Corp Distributions v. Wages subject to Employment Taxes
  70. Intangible Current Assets for a software co
  71. Entity conversion
  72. Should taxes be paid in US only? In china? or in both of them?
  73. LLC Federal Taxation
  74. Guidance/Questions
  75. Several questions
  76. Contingent Asset
  77. S Corp Distribution Taxes
  78. Where to incorporate a simple online business?
  79. Detailed tax file of nonprofit organization
  80. Chang in inventory method for car dealership
  81. HSA / FSA for LLC filing as S-Corp
  82. Deferred tax from share acquisition
  83. Have you informed your clients about Auto-Enrolment?
  84. Startup Services
  85. Hybrid - S Corp with Sister Nonprofit
  86. Paying dividend to offshore shareholder
  87. Software Consultants - Collective
  88. Depreciation and net income
  89. Closing C-Corp
  90. Finishing Basement
  91. Church Business Tax question
  92. Contribution and Draws from Corporation
  93. Real estate LLC purchasing properties
  94. Apportioning car insurance & registration after car sold
  95. Salary to Gross Profit Benchmarks
  96. What is the official word for this concept or event?
  97. Limousine LLC Company - Start Up Questions WA State
  98. long term account receivable
  99. Final K1 or Amended Return?
  100. New Job As Contractor... should I form an entity?
  101. Cost effective accountant - Money paid from refund - 1120S
  102. LLC (S-Corp) member dissociation - 50% distribution problem for assets
  103. Amending personal return for S-corp filing that lost money
  104. Dormant Company query
  105. Sister Comapny Cost Book keeping
  106. S-Corp Debt Basis walk-away
  107. Officer compensation on a C corporation, how to report it?
  108. Music Catalog - Balance Sheet Treatment
  109. k-1
  110. LLC taxed as S-Corp Retroactively
  111. Non- Profit Lease tax Deduction
  112. JV agreement and an LLC
  113. URGENT: VAT Exemption relating to One-off Educational Conference
  114. 50/50 Partners in an LLC - one wants out.
  115. Collecting unemployment
  116. Guaranteed Payments llc taxed as partnership
  117. How to report money provided by the owner to the corporation
  118. Converting to LLC
  119. Tax issues in an LLC
  120. Distribute 1099 Wages to LLC Partner
  121. Diffference between capital account and partner's share of profit
  122. How to change from a company to a trust
  123. Initial Capital Contribution - equity vs loan
  124. Employer received Notice CP504b - HELP!
  125. Moving product into a LLC
  126. Not enough cash to cover profit at the year end.
  127. Does this setup make sense?
  128. S-Corporation Shares Question
  129. Barter transactions between limited company director and another business
  130. Section 351 contribution question
  131. Vat on Freight services
  132. international transactions taxes
  133. Company money / business change of type
  134. Foreign based emplyee for US Corp.
  135. Year end HST...
  136. Passion for work
  137. Startup a tour operator company in Uk or Us but I'm not resident.
  138. Wedding Videography SPP in NY Questions
  139. Labour and overheads
  140. Company with Sole Traders offering services
  141. Vat and student discount
  142. LLC pays abroad
  143. New company LLC, S Corp?
  144. New Start Up Company
  145. Need opinion for tax and other when setting up LLC?
  146. Car purchase tax-write off question
  147. Deduction 1099-Misc
  148. Re-Payment of loan to LLC Member
  149. Other Deductions?
  150. 1099 vs w2
  151. Deduction for wire expense?
  152. Format of Tuition for tax
  153. What do we charge taxes on?
  154. Can I omit business expenses?
  155. Bankrupt in Australia...can I be director of Hong Kong company?
  156. Form 966 Urgent Pls
  157. Brewery
  158. House sale
  159. Sale of Business
  160. charity capitalising refurbishments
  161. paid too much?
  162. company tax return
  163. to VAT or not to VAT?
  164. Forgot to pay myself most of last year...got an S Corp...need advice
  165. Sale of Partnership interest
  166. Interpretation of financial statement
  167. Ground Lease
  168. Paying myself - Newbie
  169. Real Estate Agent's Gross Income
  170. Engineer
  171. Engineer
  172. Withholding Tax for a foreign firm
  173. Opening a security company.
  174. Taxation of Non resident Alien Business
  175. Taxation on LLC shares?
  176. Payroll Taxes- Which State?
  177. Offset CIS deduction suffered against my subcontractors
  178. Transfering funds to another company
  179. Director self assessment
  180. dissolving c corp and writting off debt to personal taxes
  181. Property purchased by director for corporation trading
  182. SarahT
  183. LLC Pass-through with foreign owners
  184. Letter for Late filing for S-Corporation
  185. Tax benefit for bank loans on buying home
  186. Pro Forma Income Statements
  187. S Corporation Shareholders' Personal Expenses
  188. Closed S Corp missed a state tax return
  189. maplewood
  190. Does the IRS care if your address is not on your check?
  191. New contractor working for NY client
  192. 1099 printing software
  193. Chapter 179 Vehicle Deduction
  194. Independent Contractor Paying A Corporation
  195. Single-member LLC headaches
  196. Write off Foreign Receivable
  197. Deprecation on Sch C page 2
  198. New buisness queries.
  199. Partnership registration
  200. Independent Contractor/Employee
  201. Do I need to file quarterly?
  202. Income/loss from two separate businesses
  203. How to record transfer of monies from one company to another.
  204. Tax credit on dividends
  205. VAT exempt sales within EU
  206. Sole Proprietor Tax Questions
  207. How should taxes be paid in an LLC?
  208. Dormant LLC taxes
  209. business structure
  210. IR 623 Hong Kong
  211. Owner's Equity & Selling Inventory
  212. Account filed extension withou telling me and now I can't complete a home purchase
  213. New LLC for Rental Property - help with setting up books
  214. Startup compnay and third party as creditor OR owner
  215. Can C-Corporation owner provides services to its own business?
  216. Photography Business
  217. Salaries in LLC vs S.Corp
  218. new startup in NY
  219. NH business location for Maine Resident
  220. Help: Independent Contractor to its Own Business
  221. New Online Business Question
  222. Accounting for Credit Cards
  223. New company started....
  224. Motorcycle leather clothing,motorbike leather garments,leather
  225. 401k
  226. UK Incorporation & VAT Questions
  227. No physical office - Consultant- need quick answer
  228. Client money
  229. Form 4562 and S-Corp
  230. Credit Card Charges
  231. Depreciation for NPO's
  232. Business Structure
  233. Ebay business - What do i need to do?
  234. Problem following death of business owner
  235. Government grants in project planning
  236. Tax Returns for Fiscal Year
  237. reviewed financial
  238. Expenses for Partnership
  239. Time to Pay the Tax Man his Due?
  240. Polyhedron Games LLC looking for a finance wiz
  241. tax liability for off books payroll
  242. Vacation Condo Rental Mgmt Company
  243. 501c3 Inurement Clause
  244. Operating Agreement for IRA LLC
  245. LLCs and Deferred Salary
  246. 1120S - how to handle Cost-of-Goods sold?
  247. section 179 deduction
  248. How to account books for two LLCs owned by one sole proprietor
  249. NY State Tax question
  250. DIY Payroll?