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  1. WY LLC non-US person non-US resident no US operations/income
  2. 401(k) IRA rollover
  3. IRS Regulations section 1.401(a)(9)-6
  4. stepup home value
  5. taxes on trust distribution
  6. Second business
  7. Nominee income for estate
  8. Capital Gain on sale of house by estate
  9. RMD Requirement for Annuities
  10. Tax Bracket Application
  11. Solo 401k reported on tax return
  12. Correcting Schedule C income allocated between tax
  13. Disclaiming money from a trust?
  14. solo 401(k) clarification
  15. Forbes Tax Article: Who Is A Real Estate Professional
  16. Re: Is a QDRO always needed for IRA split?
  17. Re: Is a QDRO always needed for IRA split?
  18. Mileage deductible for work?
  19. Any way around gift tax?
  20. Anyone remember the history of why quarterlies are due 6/15 insteadof 7/15?
  21. Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3)
  22. Gift Tax Question
  23. tax deductibility of costs of setting up living revocable trust
  25. W-2 versus 1099
  26. Small business expenses while working full time
  27. Tax Preparer Fraud
  28. Re: 754 election and depreciation
  29. 754 election and depreciation
  30. Capital Gains Exclusion on Contract for Deed
  31. Will MD reissue state tax refund from yr 07, issed 10/09, exp 1 yr after issue?
  32. USSC: Inherited IRAs Are Not Exempt From Bankruptcy
  33. Do payments from a private disability policy have to be reported as income
  34. Receiving IRS notices for cousin at my address; will the IRSeventually initiate a criminal investigation?
  35. foreigner bringing savings into the US - tax?
  36. Re: RMD from inherited IRA
  37. what is a nonrecaptured 1250 gain?
  38. Do Foreign Citizens Who Obtain US Citizenship File US Tax Return?
  39. Reminder: FBARs Due By June 14th
  40. What to do: Missed the April 1 deadline for first RMD
  41. retail business and sales tax
  42. Calculating RMDs on each each IRA vs. on the total balance
  43. SCOTUS to rule on states not giving credit for tax paid to other states
  44. Re: Writing off Interest for Stock Borrowing from Broker
  45. Re: Writing off Interest for Stock Borrowing from Broker
  46. California Tax took my Bank $, no notice to me? I owe for what? I live AZ 4 yrs.
  47. Free File Software -- Theoretical Question
  48. TY2014 Rate Table and Standard Deduction Change re "Surviving Spouses"??
  49. Many Years of Required Minimum Distributions Missed for Both Husbandand Wife
  50. 1040X Line 17 question
  51. Can 2013 tax returns be amended to reflect new LLC or S-corp?
  52. Daughter Going For Graduate Degree
  53. Paying a foreign person
  54. How many years must I keep Tax receipts / filings for?
  55. Sale of goodwill
  56. Post-execution re-assignment of tax lots??
  57. FBAR 2014 electronically Filing
  58. Calculating actual savings from a tax deduction (IL State tax)
  59. 1099-R / 401K Trustee error?
  60. Re: Life Estate in Real Estate
  61. Partnering With Somebody Who Is Not A U.S. Person
  62. Life Estate in Real Estate
  63. Additional Medicare Tax, Witholding, Safe Harbor
  64. Restarting electronic FBAR filing
  65. Scholarship Income
  66. renunciation of US citizenship
  67. 14K gift from US becomes a Loan in EU
  68. US Trust With Foreign Beneficiary
  69. Obamacare & taxes: "Earning less than 400 percent of the poverty level"
  70. Student loan interest deductibility if borrowed from parents?
  71. Deductibility of Volunteering - Transportation Expenses
  72. Treatement of MLP k-1 data by Pennsylvania
  73. Any Downside To Not Filing A Tax Return?
  74. Reasonability of drop in taxes between 2010 and 2013
  75. Filing son's taxes 1040EZ, my 1040 rejected because he claimed an exemption?
  76. where to deduct profit sharing contribution
  77. Does IRS or FTB Withdraw Tax Due?
  78. Simple question on step up basis
  79. Filing Amending Tax Returns Son in Military
  80. Contradictory IRS rules
  81. Excess distribution from a 529 account
  82. Where on form 1040 do I deduct NM CRS tax? I paid CRS and received 1099 forms.
  83. Need to file 1040X/540X despite no net change?
  84. Accidentla deposit in Traditional IRA instead of ROTH
  85. Tax treatment of settlement of Lehman Brothers Equity/Debt SecuritiesLitigation suit
  86. Cancellation of debt on LLC K-1
  87. Will I have to pay capital gains on a home sale if I purchase another equal home
  88. not received any 1099 for Rink vs Cref settlement
  89. Have the last of the Corrected 1099B's been issued?
  90. 1031 Boot
  91. Problems With Acrobat Reader
  92. 1099 income question
  93. Turbo Tax made 2 k-1s out of 1 imported file
  94. Married but working and living in 2 different states
  95. Tax question - K-1
  96. Re: Tax for compensation paid after death tax-year?
  97. Re: Tax for compensation paid after death tax-year?
  98. Hundreds of stock trades to enter on Schedule D - do I really need toenter every one of them?
  99. investing in a pass-through entity
  100. i have only owned my home for 1 and 1/2 years but have to move for a job.
  101. I'm retired and have Ag exemption which software should I buy?
  102. MRD Not Taken In Year Of Death, but Bank Reports That It Was....Isthis Legal?
  103. Rental LLc Tax Question
  104. Massachusetts Automatic Extension For Expats?
  105. Nursing Home, QIT, Medicaid, Spousal Diversion & Income Tax
  106. Schedule A Real Estate Taxes Paid
  107. Quarterly Earnings filings -
  108. AirBNB depreciation
  109. Gift of mortgage payment?
  110. Rental Property Sunroom Repairs - Capital or Expense or Some of Each?
  111. MRD Not Taken For Many Years. One taxpayer passed away.
  112. How does IRS decide if rental is a loss?
  113. IRS Issues Guidance On Virtual Currency (E.g., Bitcoin)
  114. USSC Rules Severance Pay Is Taxable Wages Subject to FICA: Reverses6th Circuit Quality Stores Decision
  115. foreign earned income exclusion
  116. Difference between Tax exempt Interest and Tax exempt dividends?
  117. Deducting Managed Funds fees?
  118. Not filing a 1116?
  119. Multi-State Income - Reporting Thresholds
  120. Combining self-directed Roth and Tradition IRA's in house flip
  121. Getting an I-9 Notarized
  122. Doing my child's taxes
  123. What is my cost basis for tax purposes of my Agilent shares that I got from the
  124. IRS Sales Tax Deduction
  125. Re: K-1 W-2=0 13T DPGR reporting not needed?
  126. Incorrect EIN on W-2
  127. When can an accepted efile be amended?
  128. Is money received for a home under lease purchase taxable?
  129. Tax implications of overseas work - contractor vs employee?
  130. What is required in California when filing form 2253 (LLC to be taxedas S-Corp) for federal?
  131. How do I file my 1099-misc form?
  132. Establishing a basis. . .
  133. Could my son's tax possibly be right?
  134. IRA-to-Roth conversion + later non-deductible IRA contribution
  135. Using a POA to Sign an Aunt's Tax Return
  136. EPD MLP reporting for tax year 2013
  137. S-Corp Year End Closing Journal Entries
  138. State taxes paid for the deceased final state tax return
  139. Both 1099-R and 1099-INT received from life insurance policy cash out
  140. Estimated tax 2013 and 2014
  141. Questions about 1041 for my deceased sister's trust
  142. Gift and stock basis? ? ?
  143. Owner Operator Truck Driver, Schedule C
  144. Could my tax software possibly be correct?!
  145. Inherited House Sale
  146. Strange 1099s
  147. Did I pay college tuition?
  148. IRA Penatly Exclusion for "first time home"
  149. How are IRAs treated in community property states?
  150. "Commuting Miles" ?
  151. Deducting Bad Debts - Cash Basis
  152. Re: Taxability of state-issued RE tax credit?
  153. 1099-R state pension & RMD
  154. Re: Taxability of state-issued RE tax credit?
  155. Re: Pay state taxes on stuff ordered for work on personal credit card
  156. More on Individual Retirement Annuity MRD (RMD)
  157. NY State Dept of Taxation Loses Case On Who Is Statutory Resident
  158. Is a theft GAIN taxable income?
  159. late payment penalty form 1120
  160. box 16 on nj state w2 includes payroll deductiosn for health coverage as gross w
  161. Wrong amount in Box 16 of W2 - Maryland
  162. how to file OH non-resident return
  163. Obliged to take RE tax on Sched E?
  164. Reporting requirements for trust after death of father
  165. RMD Question
  166. Self Employed Health Insurance Deduction
  167. Are options on SPY 500 ETFs considered 1256 or taxed "regularly"
  168. Payment Via EFTPS while filing electronically
  169. Revocable living trusts as partnership partners
  170. Is an IRA annuity included in the sum of all IRA's
  171. On-Line Courses ? And, Re "The Tax College"
  172. Box 2a on 1099R
  173. Does H&R 2013 deluxe include schedule E & D?
  174. Should FICA have been withheld?
  175. 401(K) and bankruptcy of employer
  176. Interesting 2014 American Opportunity Tax Credit Eligibility Question
  177. Schedule D/Form 8949 Instructions
  178. penalty?
  179. 1099r for pension payout
  180. An optical prescription question
  181. Re: Calif 540 - use tax on line 95
  182. Calif 540 - use tax on line 95
  183. 529 Withdrawals, Support Test, Exemptions or Tax Credit
  184. Over The Counter Medications (OTC) ?
  185. Capital Gain On Death of Joint Tenant
  186. General Business Credit limited by AMT
  187. Ordinary Income or Capital Gain
  188. Gift Tax Endrunaround
  189. brokered CDs on a 1099
  190. CADC strikes down IRS regulation of tax return preparers
  191. Bonus depreciation questions
  192. Creating new s corp name or retaining old name
  193. Paid salary in cash
  194. Another gift tax question
  195. how long to keep tax records for deceased parent
  196. Mom has trust fund with Two sisters and brother handling it. Who files the incom
  197. new car depreciation
  198. Gift tax Circumstances.
  199. Tax status of lawsuit settlements
  200. Two 401k plans; can I consolidate them?
  201. When will the 2013 tax forms for use in 2014 be finalized?
  202. TD F 90-22.1 Rest in Peace
  203. Tax on profit from stocks that I never owned.
  204. Re: Sale of rental property at a loss
  205. Rental property or personal property
  206. Re: Sale of rental property at a loss
  207. First time W/D from 529 and implications for American Opportunity Credit
  208. Schwab Instructions for Change in 8849 Jan 14 2014
  209. Re: Sale of rental property at a loss
  210. Sale of rental property at a loss
  211. Sales Methodology and Cost Basis
  212. Re: 706NA
  213. 706NA
  214. Parent Financed Mortgage
  215. Unusual Refinance: Lender Credit exceeded Closing Costs
  216. When does mutual help become income?
  217. Re: How to pick a percentage for AZ withholding
  218. Funeral fund issued a 1099 because funeral director made an error andthey wont fix it.
  219. Re: How to pick a percentage for AZ withholding
  220. Tax Prep fees - who gets the deduction?
  221. Gifts made to a trust to pay life insurance premiums - considered"gross income" to the trust or not?
  222. I pledged collateral to secure a loan for the sale of my company
  223. Inherited Property Sale Question
  224. Question about LLC to be taxed as S-corp
  225. Moving back home after college to start new job
  226. Amended 2011 State Tax Return
  227. Married filing separate in community property state without spouseincome info?
  228. 401k to Treasury Direct?
  229. Retaining home capital gain exemption after moving out?
  230. wash sale
  231. enrolled vs. matriculated for AO college tax credit
  232. partner in LLC get guarant. pmt based on sales. Q4 GP earned in '13, paid in '14
  233. Long Matured HH bonds?
  234. Need 528 Plan Distribution Citation
  235. how to "increase" 4th est tax payment?
  236. Issuing 1099 For Subcontractor Who Switched from Sole Proprietor to Corp
  237. Hawaii non resident personal income tax with NOL carryover
  238. Question about Form 8288-A and FIRPTA withholding tax
  239. Questions on California EDD Employment Audit
  240. What if you donate your car, which is then stolen?
  241. Form 8960 NII draft instructions released
  242. Charity Auction Gone Wrong
  243. What are applicable items allowed when figuring improvement costs attime of sale
  244. interesting RMD timing question
  245. Reporting someone?
  246. MRD and Annuity
  247. Re: the "Medicare" part of new earned income and NII taxes
  248. Closing a C Corporation That Owns Shares in Other Corporation
  249. is distribution from inherited Roth IRA taxable?
  250. Tax free gift question