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Wayne 05-19-2005 11:37 AM

Pocket Money
I have been using Pocket Money since Money 2003 and all three versions seem
to have the same issue. I've gone through three different PPC in this time
frame, and have re-installed my PC many times. though I've upgraded the MNY
file for each version.

When I install pocket money by default it only syncs the last 4 weeks of
data, it appears that it doesn't sync correctly or something in the way it
syncs doesn't allow the balance on my PPC to be correct. The latest case was
on the PC I had a balance of around 2k, but the PPC said I had a negative
1800 balance. Once I changed active sync to sync ALL transactions and put
the PPC in the cradle they both wound up with the same balance of negative
$2500 and balancing the acct went from the correct ending balance from the
previous month to negative $1500.

With 2003 I even opened a case with MS and didn't get very far, once we
found that I could sync everything and get it to work I pretty much left it
there and just put up with having to sync all the data. I've done that
again, restored the money file from a back up, but still can't get the PPC
to come out with the right balance. This has happened in the past and I had
to uninstall, re-install MNY for the PPC. I'll be doing that tonight.

Any ideas on what may be causing my issue with only syncing partial data?
Has anyone else seen this issue?

Wayne Sepega
Jacksonville, Fl

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