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The Streets 09-11-2013 12:16 AM

Re: Quicken 2014
"Andrew" <> wrote in message
> Appears next month if on their usual schedule. Hope we'll see some
> *meaningful* improvements. Anyone have a retail store date? (I always buy
> it locally to support my local Staples).
> Handling CDs would be nice, although if they haven't figured this out in
> the 25 years I've been using Q, I don't hold out much hope now on that
> one. Without meaningful competition in the desktop financial software
> market, the term 'cash cow' comes to mind.
> -------------------------------------------------------------

I just hope that they don't break too many things. And, maybe,
fix some of the things that they 2013 broke (like printing envelopes
in 2013 H&B).

Ken Blake 09-11-2013 12:38 AM

Re: Quicken 2014
On Thu, 5 Sep 2013 08:35:43 -0500, "John Pollard"
<> wrote:

> The added features may not be the features you want, and they may not work
> as well as they could/should; but all were asked for by Quicken users, and
> each of them represents a very complex/expensive project. I think a closer
> look at what has been done with Quicken since Money stopped being a
> competitor is sufficient evidence that Intuit is not sitting back and
> pretending that they have it made, just because Money no longer competes
> directly.

My view is not so much that Money was the choice of some people
instead of Quicken, but that many people found the previous version
good enough and didn't buy the new one because it didn't add much in
the way of significant new features.

That's what keeps me from buying the new version every year. What you
mention about Quicken 2013 may be significant to some people, but
although I bought it this year, to me it's no better than 2012.

Ken Blake

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