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Re: Reconciling a btokerage accounts

John Pollard
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      10-16-2011, 08:50 PM
"Bernie Cosell" wrote

I'm trying to clean up a long-ignored brokerage account. Mostly everything
is OK, I just wanted to "reconcile" everything and make sure everything is
OK. I have a divided received and it shows up in two places: first in my
'investment' account and second in my "associated cash" account [where the
dividend ended up. I would like to mark the cash-account transfer as
'reconciled', but I can't: it says " You should make this change from the
investment account" and won't let me change it. So I "go to matching
transfer" and the dividend is there in status "c". I change it to "R" and
enter it, and now it is, indeed, "R" in the investment account... BUT; it
is still unmarked in the cash accounts and I can't change it.

How is this supposed to work and what should I to do 'R' that transaction?


Initiate a Quicken reconcile for the linked checking account.

Depending on your Quicken version, you can do that by keying CTRL+R in the
account register, selecting "Reconcile" from the checking account menu,
selecting "Reconcile" from the checking account "Account Actions" button, or
clicking a "Reconcile" icon you placed on your Quicken Toolbar.

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