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RE: How to set up holding company?

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      04-01-2010, 02:40 PM
Hello Zimm:

If you have not settled this yet, I can guide you with the legal structure
options, the other data / web tasks is not my area, if you can tell me more
what the intent is, I can simply send you the structure and resources and
links for legal tools. Its pretty simple. Every thing within the "business
entity" is dependent on the legal structure, except in practice, financially
and tax structure, as well as liabilites.

I will be back in next day, if I miss then send me a link or email and I
will send you some reading stuff.

Thomas M. Di Sieno
Thanks for the knowledge and insight!

"Zimm" wrote:

> I'm sorry if this is basic - I'm far from either being an accountant or a
> technical guru.
> I have a company (XYZ enterprises) and I have several web sites. I want to
> set up a holding company (XYZ ...) with several sub-companies that correspond
> to each web site underneath it. My hope is that these sub-companies will all
> roll up into the main holding company. With this, I would be able to look at
> my overall numbers or drill down to my individual site numbers easily.
> Is this possible?
> Thank you!
> Zimm

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