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    Clear Day<> wrote in message news:...
    On 14 Jan, 15:14, "Niteawk" <> wrote:
    > Got yet another letter from ST ordering me to attend a work focused
    > interview with a person named "Ali Akbar".
    > I know I do not have to attend pending appeal, but I may have to attend once
    > my appeal is heard, regardless of illness.
    > The thing is, with a name like Ali Akbar, he could be Taliban. I dont like
    > these people at the best of times. In fact I do not like them at all.
    > Indians I dont mind so much, Pakistanis worry me, they can explode anytime.
    > In the event that I am forced to attend, am I allowed to ask for a white
    > adviser?
    > Can I claim for a bomb proof vest/ flak jacket, if I have to be in the same
    > room as them. I think H&S is very important, you cant be to careful.

    Yes, can ask for a white advisor. They'll put you in with someone from
    Northern Ireland perhaps.
    How do you know Ali isn't white? Surname will usually be the surname
    of their father, or the surname they chose, not usually anything to do
    with colour.
    Nothing to stop you asking.

    Trust me, I know Ali is not white.

    Yes, can claim for a bomb proof vest. A nice one will set you back
    about £40,000 - dual bonded, the vest is guaranteed to survive. Bomb
    proof, but doesn't protect you arms, legs or head.
    Get it first and put a claim in for it. You can claim for it - doesn't
    mean its going to be paid.....


    Thats is a bit on the expensive side, are you sure they cost that much? I will have to check with ST, they should provide vests in keeping with H&S regs. I will also ask if they do full body screening.

    Thanks for your posting, you made me smile.
    Will add it to my psychology course project for this semester as you
    so kindly posted it in a public forum......


    No problem, if you need any more material, let me know.

    ATB, Niteawk AKA Gordon Bin Brown.
    Niteawk, Jan 14, 2010
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