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US Citizen/Canadian Resident

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      06-17-2011, 08:06 AM
Situation: US Citizen/Canadian Permanent Resident married to Canadian .
Income from Canada: Short term disabiltiy benefit
Income from US: IRA withdrawal (1099-R received, taxable but no tax was deducted when withdrawn and is under age 45) and 1009 - INT.
I have viewed different ways for reporting this In Canada and In US. (Report the 1099-r in Canada, submit a Foreign Tax Credit form with it, Pay the taxes owing upon completion of the 1040) the Disability benefit was taxed in Canada, is there some way to get a Foreign tax credit on that on the form 1116 when filing the 1040 to the US? Does anyone know how this should be reported in Canada, and then in the US?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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