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    USA Prepaid Expenses . R&D Projects ...

    What is the best way to go about doing these things within accounting/quickbooks? Also, how much effort do people typically put in with receipts, general storage, scanning stuff, and hardcopies of everything?
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    USA COGS Questions

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to finish getting my accounting set up and have some questions regarding COGS. 1. I'm in the professional services consulting business. I'm an engineer and I make plans for buildings. I'm wondering if I should even have a COGS? I was thinking about using it to split...
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    USA Account Numbers Question

    Hello everyone: Quick question on account numbers. Is there a resource for GAAP account numbers? Like, are there a set of account numbers referenced/written down somewhere that everyone is using? or does every accountant and every business have different account numbers for different accounts...