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    Read the forums and post questions you have about accounting. And welcome!
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    Associate or Bachelor?

    If you want work as an accountant, get a bachelor's. The associate degree will only get you work as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper.
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    Am I qualified for a bookkeeping career?

    Check out what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say about accounting clerks and bookkeepers, which it considers clerks who can carry out all bookkeeping tasks: How to Become a Bookkeeping, Accounting or Auditing Clerk
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    Career Path Descriptions and Advice?

    Look up Robert Half International finance salary guide on Google. You'll find job descriptions and salaries for various accounting careers.
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    On-Line Radio for Accounting profession

    I'm not sure that such a station would attract any listeners. You might want to consider making one yourself, since the technology for online stations is easily accessible.
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    Advice on Masters in Accounting

    A Georgetown University 2011 salary survey by degree shows that a master's degree provides an average earnings boost of 37 percent over the median $68,000 per year made by holders of accounting bachelor's degrees. Check it out on page 27 of the following link...
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    How to handle business expenses?

    Rather than splitting one expense down the middle, how about you take all of some expenses and he takes all of other expenses, so that you're each taking about half. For example, maybe you pay for all paper and postage, and he takes care of all electricity and printer supplies?
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    Hi SarahT and welcome to the forums. You may want to ask your question in the General Accountacy Discussion section.
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    Masters in Accounting for Non-Accounting Major

    What do you consider a significant job prospect? Is it a particular salary, working conditions, location or something else.
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    What value do you see in a Web Presence?

    I have both a website and a Facebook page, and most of my new online leads come from Facebook. Have also tried Twitter but with no success.
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Mike. You'll find lots of good accounting network opportunities here.
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    USA Sketchy or Legit?

    Sounds legit to me as well, but if it bothers you, just say "no."
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    Odd discrepancy in personal accounts

    Congratulations. But if it bothers you that much, you can always send it to me, so you can balance everything out ;)
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    Working NYC or Abroad?

    You may want to try your hand locally first. U.S. citizens can only get jobs in Germany if they can't be filled by a German, EU citizen or third-country nationals living in Germany for a long period of time. You may find this link useful.: Germany-USA Career Center - FAQ: Living & Working in...
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    Hi Lisa, feel free to ask questions and answer them in the different forums.