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    MS Money 2007

    sorry ... i have also a problem in it ...>> you right <<< After installation on 1st lauch I try to log in with my valid ID and Money stops saying "Money is unable to load your financial planner data..." and then exits. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks.
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    What is the best accounting software to use?

    i am not professional but i thing you could consider online accounting software - it's easier to use and backups and upgrades are taken care of automatically by the service provider.
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    Why people never trust when it is FREE..???

    When it has to do with something like that, they're probably afraid of a scam or that you will be really pushy in trying to get them to sign up for paid lessons later. Unfortunately, in today's world, we learn that "there's no such thing as a free lunch" and "there's usually a catch".
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    Vendor name same as Customer name????

    A type of placing used as a method of financing a takeover in which the purchasing company issues its own shares as payment to the company being bought, with the prearranged agreement that these shares are then placed with investors in exchange for cash
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    Mail Merge

    I am not shower but how much i know i tell you hope its works If you are using Word 2003 or newer, it is in Tools>Letters and Mailings, but you have to sign up for a online mailing in order to pay .... thanks