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    USA Contractor feeding other subcontractors on job sites, Schedule C, does this count as an expense

    On Schedule C, single member LLC disregarded entity for federal tax purposes has expense for feeding other subcontractors on the various job sites at Employers convenience. Does this expense that consists of coffee, other drinks, snacks and piece of fruit can be counted as an expense with 50%...
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    USA Installment Sale of Business Propertya and two forms 1099S for the same deal

    Hello everybody, I recently hit the following obstacle. I did a return with a business property sale in installments. The client received a form 1099 S in the year of the contract with the whole amount. I prepared the return as an installment sale with payment of the whole amount and installment...
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    USA Sexual Harrasment Settelement, taxable or not?

    Yes, there is a 1099 and nothing is listed as tax exempt!. Thanks for the reply!
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    USA Sexual Harrasment Settelement, taxable or not?

    I have a client that settled out of court for a case of sexual harassment. She received income on 1099 as Other Income. The case is connected with emotional, no physical abuse. Is the income from the settlement taxable?