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    Does anyone know this software?

    Judging by the picture, it looks like this was a proprietary/customizable software product. Coopers & Lybrand is one of the firms that merged with Price Waterhouse to become PwC. If you could find anyone who was in the C&L part prior to or around the merger, they might be able to find a disk...
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    USA Difference between Accrued Revenue and Un-billed Completed Work

    I'm thinking that unbilled completed might be gross and revenue might be net of expenses?
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    Problem with bank account

    Do you have a reconciling account for "currency exchange" or "forex" or something? Generally most companies do a periodic entry (debit/credit the account in question, offsetting credit/debit to currency exchange account) to "true up" the accounts. I do mine as a part of the monthly bank...
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    USA (Simple but Urgent) What needs to be filed annually - how and when for my personal scenario

    I can't speak to cost. It varies by location, practitioner, etc. And I don't have enough experience personally with either business tax or international tax situations to be qualified to help, however there is probably someone else in this group who can. However in answer to your general...
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    India Balance sheet

    Nope. All are included. Anything that is required to "put an asset into service" is included in the cost of that asset. Also included would be shipping and taxes, if applicable.
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    I don't understand this case...

    Under federal tax law you can file as single (or head of household, if such applies) if you were separated and living apart for the last six months of the year. Presumably many states do the same thing as their filing status requirements typically mirror the federal definitions.
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    USA (Simple but Urgent) What needs to be filed annually - how and when for my personal scenario

    You should still take your complete situation to a tax professional who is familiar with both US and Greek tax law and any relevant treaty that may exist between the two. (For example, an agreement to give credit in one country for income tax incurred and paid in the other - some countries...
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    USA Schedule A vs. schedule C for business related expenses

    But is it allowed on Schedule C? If so where? I didn't see it as an expense category for Schedule C, only Schedule A.
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    USA S Corporation

    I'd just do an accrual then...and then at distribution date just reclass the accrual back against the distribution
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    Custodial Parent

    What does the court order say?
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    USA Non-Custodial Parent claiming child for tax credit after child turns 18

    Also, if you mean the $3,000 "Child Tax Credit" it ends when the child is 17 anyway.
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    Earliest age to fund an IRA

    Old thread, but note: I just did my stepdaughter's taxes, she is 20 and a full time student. She had a 1099-MISC job last summer and therefore owed tax. Her father asked me if she could offset it by him starting her an IRA. The answer unfortunately was she is/can be claimed as a...
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    USA Schedule E in separate return : how to divide rents received and expenses

    It depends. Certainly possible that one spouse files Schedule E and not the other, if the property is held/managed/etc. by one spouse only.
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    USA S Corporation

    What are you trying to capture? The amount they owe back to the corporation?
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    USA Schedule A vs. schedule C for business related expenses

    I have a client who is a professional musician (as is her husband). They asked if they could deduct expenses for performance clothing (not worn in everyday life). From what I can see from the IRC this is a miscellaneous deduction that goes on Schedule A. However, they do fill out a Schedule...