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    USA Customer PO > Our Quote

    We had requested this, however the VP disagreed and wanted to change their quote instead. I agree it is being overthought, but that's how it is sometimes.
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    USA Customer PO > Our Quote

    We quoted a customer a certain amount for a support contract. They sent us a Purchase Order totaling $ 20 more than our quote. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding how to handle this. I suggested that the person handling the PO contact the customer and advise them of the discrepancy...
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    Using QB payroll and need alternative

    Find a local company to handle payroll for you. Do not go with ADP or Paychex or any of the big corporate payroll companies.
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    USA What Accounting Software is this screenshot from?

    Out of curiosity (file attached.)
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    USA Taking Customer Orders Without a Purchase Order (PO)

    We're on an Escrow agreement with the supplier, meaning the customer mails their payment to the supplier's lockbox, where they then take their cost out of the payment and then send us our margin.
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    USA Please help

    I'd roll it over into Vanguard or something with lower expense ratios if at all possible.
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    USA Just received invoices from contractor for work performed in 2016

    A contractor of ours (who is now an employee, by the way) just submitted invoices from 2016 that they forgot to send to us last year. SInce I just received these a few days ago, is it OK to enter these as 2017 expenses and issue a 1099-MISC for 2017, or would the fact that they are now a...
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    USA Destination sales tax- How to collect and remit

    Use an Accounting software like QuickBooks Enterprise and then pay the tax through the state's web portal.
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    USA Please help

    Are they being rolled over automatically to the new investments? Does the new fund(s) have any return history?
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    USA Please help

    What do you mean by closing to new investments? The holding company is being sold to someone else?
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    USA Taking Customer Orders Without a Purchase Order (PO)

    Our supplier requires a copy of our customer's purchase orders. The problem is, some customers simply don't provide purchase orders or use that kind of ordering procedure. Aside from having someone from the company we are selling to sign one of our quotes, are there any other official/legally...
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    USA Intercompany Purchases between two commonly owned entities

    Good Morning, I have a question regarding Company A purchasing goods for use in Company B. The logistics: Company A purchased an item that will be used by Company B for testing purposes. My instinct is to do the following: Record this on Company A's books as a due to Company B entry Record...
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    USA Cost of Goods Sold (Inventory)

    Can you take a screen shot of the income statement? Sounds interesting.
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    Australia Not to sure how to go about accounting for my business

    It might be easier to hire someone on an as-needed basis to manage your Accounting for you,
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    Canada Converting PDF Invoice to XML for Quickbooks

    I use small pdf for conversions and combining documents. They also have a PDF to Excel conversion: