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    UK PayPal fees invoiced to us from Contractor

    Charge the full invoice value to COGS. You don't need to seperate anything here.
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    PAYE vs. Dividends

    Assuming you fall outside of IR35, which you need to be very careful with and you should seek professional advice on this point, paying yourself a salary of £7,488 or £624 a month and paying the rest in dividends is the most tax efficient way of paying yourself. This also ensures that you...
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    Cheer up time. Accounting jokes?

    Your first joke made me laugh, thanks Becky :-)
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    book entry records

    I'd be very surprised if anyone was willing to publish their book entries on the internet. Instead, I would simply make up some entries to test the system.
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    Hey just joined, in an interview.............

    I would expect a client to ask about my qualifications, my experience and how this relates to thier business, the nature of my current clients and of course I will always be asked "how much will it cost".
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    Opinions Required - New Accountancy Firm

    I operate 100% online and cannot see clients due to the fact that I cover the whole of England and Wales. It's something that works well for me when small businesses need an accountant to complete their more straight forward accountancy work. Due to the fact that I work 100% online and have...
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    UK Which accountancy qualification is best for me?

    I would suggest starting with AAT, due to your background, and then progress from there. You will soon get a flavour for whether or not accountancy is for you.
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    UK Small Business Tax Enquiry

    It is qualifying expenditure but it will be an asset on the balance sheet and instead of deducting the full expenditure from your profits you will need to claim a capital allowance. How much approx. will you be spending on the office pod and fit-out (furniture and equipment)?
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    UK Small Business Tax Enquiry

    I would say that this is 100% qualifying business expenditure. Am I right in thinking that there would be no private use of the pod?
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    UK Sole trader

    Do ensure that you take full advantage of this loss to reduce your income tax.
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    Expense vs. Capitalize

    It sounds like an expense to me. If the survey led onto a large capital scheme and formed part of the re-design of the pool for example and the associated capital works then there might be reason to capitalise.
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    Interview Monday- help!

    Don't just focus on the theory, be prepared to talk about your practical experience and be armed with specific examples of the work you have completed and the skills and competences you have demonstrated when completing such work. Yes there will be a technical element to the interview but...
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    UK New company started....

    This is all corect. If you are working with an on-line accounting system or simply recording your income and business costs within a spreadsheet then my firm can help you. We work with a range of clients across the country and we are professionally qualified accountants who offer low prices...
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    Gold and Silver?

    That's an interesting comment. I have seen Games Workshop trade well in the past but I'm not sure how future proof this business model is and if it might be a bit of a fad.
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    What is the best accounting software to use?

    I would suggest signing up for a free trial period to an on-line accountancy application and then practicing at home on an evening. You will be able to enter dummy entries for sales income and expenses and you will soon work out how to navigate the system. Most on-line accounting applications...