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    Seeking a new personal and corporate accountant. Questions to ask?

    Having worked with small businesses in the UK, I have come to realise that you tend to lose your clients to your competitors if you are perceived not to have social personality. But the truth is, accountants are just like every other professionals. They try to maintain a professional...
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    USA How to prepare myself for Accounting courses

    Hi William55, What I did in my time was to listen to business maths videos. You will find loads of them on youtube. Cheers
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    CIA or CFA

    Hi the_magician, Since you already have hands on experience in Auditing, I will recommend that you go for the CIA certification. CFA is good but that would mean you shifting to the equity analyst side of the game. If you really want to get another challenge, you can try CISA. Thanks
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    USA I want to be an Accountant

    You must not go to school before you can get a bookkeeping job but you however need to have some sorts of education before you can become an accountant. There are numerous resources out there that you can leverage on to learn accounting right from the comfort of your bed. Youtube if a free...
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    Can you help me please?

    If you want to get the financial statement of a company, you can download one from any company website. Or do a Google search to find financial statements of company in public domain
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    Help for my Thesis

    Hi Alaa88, The best way to do your research is to use your student login on the journal websites like sciencedirect, Jstor and wiley. Speak to your course administrator if you are having problem gaining access to these sites. Hope this helps.
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    Vehicle Depreciation

    Sandra, you don't include it, except if you are looking to claim capital allowance on the asset.
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    Computer accounting

    Businesses have long gone digital thereby making it a sensible thing to do by digitalising accounting which is the language of business.
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    Hi DennisM, I do not believe that Tobin Q method gives a better value of a company. It basically entail challenging market price with market information. It will keep going in circle. Have you considered using the Residual Earnings Method? The inputs are not based on what you set out to...
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    Auditors going concern to extend beyond 12 months

    The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) recently made a call for auditors going concern period to extend beyond 12 months. This has generated some low level debates amongst professional accountants, I personally think it will place more strain on the resources of auditors but will serve as a wake...
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    IFRS Pitfalls

    Yes, that is what I think. Managers would be happy to entertain research that would not leave any negative imprecision.
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    What do you know about Xero's Cloud Accounting?

    Finally I found someone who has had a dealing with deals guys, decision time. Wink!!
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    Environmental Accounting

    I suppose environmental accounting will resolve around social corporate responsibility and might not have much potential in terms of popularity and respect as you enquire.
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    IFRS Pitfalls

    Hi Theswing, I don't think the company would refuse you carrying out a research on the. The only problem I see is the choice of word, you may want to replace "pitfall" with "challenges" as it will not conjour negative imagery of the company. Best of luck
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    Canada Accounting designation/degree

    You can register with ACCA, you will get both BSc in Applied Accounting and an MBA if you opt in for it. ACCA is a global Accountancy body with flexible options. Hope this helps.