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    How do I invoice a client for mileage reimbursement?

    I see this is old, but if someone else comes across it... I would assume you can add it as a nontaxed item, with each one mile as the rate. Then just bill # miles on invoice.
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    USA Changing Chart of Accounts

    Can I change the COA in QBO, or would it corrupt the data? I did a company's nonprofit books through 2015, then another treasurer took over and changed the COA and used QBO. I am now trying to fix the problems created and need to amend 2016 and file 2017 taxes, so putting the COA back to how it...
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    USA IRR Trust distributions to deceased beneficiary

    One of three beneficiaries of a complex trust died in 2016 and their final tax forms were filed. In 2017 there were expenses/distributions related to the deceased beneficiary (paid state and irs taxes). How should these expenses be handled by the trust since final returns were already filed...