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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome @potnocnu :) What's the name of ur cat? :)
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    New to forum with limited knowledge

    We're looking forward to learn from you as well. Welcome aboard @Sam Jose !
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    Welcome 1981! How are things going?
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    Hello! :)

    Welcome aboard Lady Sativa! How was your class going? :)
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    Forum software upgrade

    We used XenForo before on one of our client's website and so far, it works smoothly. Nice update!
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    H E L L O :D
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    New user

    Welcome @techgeek ! Any latest news about technology today? ^^
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    Started late

    Welcome and good luck in getting that CPA title. ^^
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    Welcome Gbainthis! Be well!
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    Hi from London

    Welcome! Btw, how do you commute from work-office? Bike lanes are popular these days, I think.
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    Good Moring

    Action speaks louder than words, indeed. :)
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    USA Taxes and fundraisers

    According to 501(c)(3), fiscal sponsorship only applies to organization, not individual. We're not sure if there is a work-around for your status but we'll try to ask around for further feedback. Cheers!
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    USA How to calculate unrealized gain/(loss) on an investment when it is a donated security to a nonprofit

    Nice question, let us try. If the security is sold, then consider it as realized. If not, consider it as unrealized until sold. Whether it is donated to a non-profit organization or not, you may consider it as list for your tax deduction for your next tax filing.