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    Nick and Steve Hi also. Steve - is my website I have uploaded 4million UK companies to it so far but it has a lot of performance issues at moment (it keeps overloading) I am slowly paying a developer to sort it out for me. Then when I can afford I'll find someone to...
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    UK Tax filing and payment deadlines in the UK 2018/19

    Helpful list of dates and of course HMRC fines you if you are later submitting your VAT, or personal tax returns.
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    Credit check

    ML = money laundering - so its looks like someone has tried to open an account in your name with a Bitcoin type of provider.
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    Hi, I am Adrian from Telford, looking to learn more about Accountancy. I have my own website which I am trying to turn into a full time job, at the moment its evening and weekends etc - But you have to have a dream to be able to live it! Adrian