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    Submitting own accounts for Limited company

    Myself and my business partner own a small limited company (50% each) with no employees and just a very small online store making a small profit each year too small to justify paying Accountants anymore to do our account for HMRC. Are there any guidelines anywhere on how to do this bearing in...
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    UK Doing unaudited accounts

    I run a small online business with a partner and it is a limited company. Our turnover is very small and each year just scrape to break even. We have been paying an accountant to do our Accounts and his fees increase each year. Last year they were £700. It has been suggested we scrap the...
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    Partner leaving business query

    At the beginning of this year 4 of us set up an internet business putting in an initial outlay of £500 each. We formed a Limited company. Since then we have put in long hours getting a fully operational website live with a fully functional Shopping Cart which just went live last week. So...