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    USA how does the IPO cost reflect in the financial report

    I know IPO can be expensive. But how does the IPO cost reflect in the financial report? For example, in which sections in the financial report could I find this information?
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    USA "Weighted-average common shares outstanding" meaning?

    What is the meaning of "Weighted-average" in "Weighted-average common shares outstanding" meaning? Does this mean we have to weight different classes of shares? Thanks
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    USA How to determine Capital expenditures in Free cash flow calculation

    I know the formula to calculate free cash flow is: Free Cash Flow = Operating Cash Flow - Capital Expenditures However, what should be included in Capital Expenditures? In the following example, do I just need to include "Purchase of shares of common stock" in Capital Expenditures? Thanks
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    USA How to calculate "Weighted-average common shares outstanding-Diluted"

    I see the following Form 4. When I calculate Weighted-average common shares outstanding-Diluted, do I have to include all the number of Class A Common Stock and all the number of Class B Common Stock? Do I have to treat Class A stock and Class...
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    Thanks for your reminder. I will pay attention to the assumption behind the "pro forma as adjusted" numbers.
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    Thanks for pointing this out. If I want to see the situation right after IPO, I think "Pro Forma as Adjusted" is more accurate. Is my understanding correct?
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    USA How to calculate the market cap of a company before and after IPO

    What do you mean "you're not factoring current market value of the shares"? I always use the latest stock price. My explanation now is the company issued more share on the IPO day. For example, Affirm went public on Jan. 13th. However, according to SEC filing here...
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    Also, in the balance sheet, there are columns "Pro Forma", "Pro Forma as Adjusted" and "actual". Which column is more important?
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    Sorry for my mistake. Now, I found the complete balance sheet. Do you think Assets = Equity + Liabilities now? Thanks
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    For your reference, the complete S1 form is here:
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    USA Assets != Equity + Liabilities

    Hi, could anyone explain to me, in this balance sheet, which items are assets, which items are liability, and which items are equity? Are funding debt and Notes issued liability? Is redeemable convertible preferred stock equity? I just feel Assets != Equity + Liabilities here. Thanks
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    USA How to calculate the market cap of a company before and after IPO

    Hi, when I calculate the market cap of a company before IPO, I just go to the latest S-1 form and find "Weighted-average shares used in computing net loss per share attributable to common stockholders, basic and diluted". Then, I multiply the IPO stock price by the number of shares I found...
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    Hello from Boston

    Yes. I am reading some finance and accounting books right now. If I have questions, I will definitely ask you. Thanks
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    USA Missing gross profit in financial report

    Thanks. Do you know any materials/books I can read if I want to know more about this topic?