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    Shares of No Par Value???

    Thanks very much.So simply put this company would have no stated value on it shares
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    Shares of No Par Value???

    What does it really mean when it's stated that: "The Company is to be registered with 1,000,000 Shares of no par Value" thanks
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    Chart of Account-Small Courier Service Business

    Hello! I'm looking for a little help with chart of accounts for a small courier service company. Is there anyone who has a sample chart of accounts for a small courier service business and is willing to share it? Thanks
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    Fuel Costs Vs Vehicle-Fuel

    Would it be appropriate to have two accounts like these: 1.Fuel Costs ( Coming Under Cost of Sales) and 2.Vehicle Fuel(Operating Expense-Fuels used in car for general operating purposes)
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    Depreciation Journal Entry-Annual or Monthly??

    Hello I know that the "Depreciation" Journal Entry is normally done at closing once in a year hence the name"annual depreciation" Could we pass a general entry for depreciation at the end of 1 month? Meaning are we allowed to spread depreciation over 12 months? Thanks
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    Accumulated Depreciation-Opening Balance at commencement date

    Is it appropriate to include an opening balance for accumulated depreciation at the official commencement date of a small business? Eg. A business begins actual operations on 1 January 2016 before then it is in it formation stage. I know you can't depreciate fixed assets before the official...
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    Wanted:QuickBooks Premier 2013(Trial Version)

    Can anyone advise me how best I can secure a TRIAL VERSION(for practice) of QuickBooks Premier 2013 meant for preferably the US market(it could be for others too) Any links(urls)?
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    HOSTEL ACCOMODATION-Allowable Business Expense?

    I have this question concerning this DJ business(sole proprietorship) HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION: This sole proprietor ordinarily lives in Town A but has to travel to Town B weekly to take charge of business(play at parties and other such functions) and when in Town B for business he stays in a...
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    Loans from 5 Friends-Chart of Account

    I have loans from 5 different friends for a start-up and I am just listing my Chart of Account(in Wave) would it be OK if I set up Loan Accounts for each one of Loan – Abigail Loan – Ben Loan – John I must add that WAVE doesn't allow for sub-accounts
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    Stipend-Other Payroll

    I have an assistant/apprentice/intern for a start-up business that I pay some allowance or stipend to cater for their expenses. HOW BEST CAN I LABEL THIS EXPENSE Would it be OK to Add an expense account to my Chart of accounts and call it "STIPEND"
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    Salvage Value and Useful Economic Lives

    How best can I determine the Salvage Values and UELs(Useful Economic Lives of Musical Equipment and the like used in a Dee Jaying Bus.?? Thanks
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    Prior Period Income and Expenses

    I want to enter transactions for a service provider business for the month of October,in order that we can generate our first set of reports(financial statements) for the month of October 2015 How do I treat expenses and income earned/incurred a couple of months ago i.e...
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    Pre-Incorporation Expenses

    Hi How best do we deal with pre-incorporation expenses? K
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    UK Proformas

    How do I record these things in a typical accounting system: 1.Proformas from prospective clients; 2.Purchases from grocery stores for which debit cards are used to make payments; 3.Purchase discount received from suppliers for purchases Thanks