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    sorted :))
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    Missing link?

    Triest123, You completely saved my day! :))) I spent hours and hours looking and trying to find what was wrong Can't thank You enough!
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    Missing link?

    Hello. I am given set of figures, and wanted to provide cash flow statement purely out of my interest, since according to the paper it is not required. So I prepared, but I suppose I've either missed something or just it would not result in ending cash balance. The figures are: please note...
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    Australia Accounting for share price fluctuation at year end

    Adjusting entry would be, in my opinion, only when the company actually SOLD the shares, then it would be recorded as either loss/gain on the investment
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    Need Journal Entry Help

    We certainly would help if You showed any innitiative
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    Cost per unit

    As bklynboy noted, with the information given nothing much can be interpreted
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    Gold and Silver?

    I do not believe accountantforum is the place to discuss commodity market :)
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    Does every Country have differ Accounting rules!

    Yes, different country different rules
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    What is the difference between Accountant and Auditor ?

    This topic has always fascinated me, who would You rather be, auditor or accountant? :))
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome on Board! :)
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    Welcome on Board! :)
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    India Hello

    Welcome on board! :)
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    Welcome on board :)
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    Doubtful accounts?

    Sorry for taking long to reply The report is supposed to analyze financial health of the company using financial ratios, which then will be handed to the board of directors. I have one question regarding the cash flow statement, cash figures do not match, and I believe that is because of the...
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    Doubtful accounts?

    I kindly appreciate Your thoughts, Fidget, now I will go on and do the ratios as You suggested. Will keep updating as of how it goes ;)