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    USA Book Keeping software

    Hi, I'm a Linux (debian) os user, so free is good. I'm also an accountant. I agree, QB has gotten bloated and complicated for new users. Being a free user, I found gnuCash (which can be used with Windows and Mac) as a good alternate to QB.
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    USA Been doing my books by hand, is Quickbooks worth it?

    Hi, I'm sort of the non-traditional software and os user. I use Linux (debian) as my operating system instead of Window or Mac. I wanted something free as I'm looking into starting my own freelance accounting/bookkeeping business and I have personally used gnuCash for over 2 years. It's free...
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    Hello, First time to the forums. First time for a lot of things. I've been an accountant for 30 years and a CPA (inactive at the moment) for 15. Sold our home in May 2017, bought a 40 foot Class A motorhome and hit the road (that's why I inactivated my CPA certificate). We (husband, coach...