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    Ex. J-1 Visa - can I still use my bank account? under which conditions?

    You should be fine and have no issues with the IRS.
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    USA foreign spouse, visa pending

    What passport does your wife carry now? You should be able to use NRA on the return and claim a personal exemption for her if she has no income. But you could also just put "married, filing separately" and file without her and put her name there. As as 55K per year, you will not be paying any...
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    UK Hello Everyone

    Welcome David!
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    USA dblbogey1

    Yeah, you might not need a data service, I would use the Internet as kirby said.
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    USA/UK tax treaty and USA pension

    If you did not even file in the uk and report this income would they even pick this up?
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    Cheer up time. Accounting jokes?

    What do accountants suffer from that ordinary people don’t? Depreciation.
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    Does every Country have differ Accounting rules!

    What do you mean? Different income tax rules or different cost accounting rules, etc. Can you please clarify?
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    Joint foreign bank account

    Ah ok. Good luck!
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    UK Hello Everyone

    Hey, welcome back. I am new to the forum but look forward to helping people anc connecting with people too.
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    1099 B with “Final principal payment” what to do with

    Just put the cost and sales price the same for no gain or loss if this is truly a "return of principle"
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    Joint foreign bank account

    Hey. which country is it, as I have lived in most of these countries and might have some ideas.
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    USA Paying partner abroad his share of royalties

    Technically he is subject to federal and state taxes but in texas no state taxes so no on the state. On the federal you technically are supposed to pay him his royalties minus withholding and he is going to have to file a us federal tax return to possibly get some of the withholding back. Maybe...