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    Australia Clients Portfolio in Resume

    Can you explain what you mean by client portfolio?
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    Need help fixing money that got put into "unapplied cash payment income"

    Hmmm is the account a debit balance or credit balance? To reverse a transaction, you would use the opposite entry of the one you originally used (crediting the account with a debit balance and debiting the account with a credit balance). I'm not sure but I think you should delete the...
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    USA Internship advice please

    I prefer the auditing department as well. Inquire what you will do in each department to get an idea of the work and whether it is in line with your interests. Since this likely shapes your career future, make your decision wisely. You would want to have a job that consists of more than just...
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    UK - Tax Advisor vs Financial Accountant

    Accounting for taxation is different from accounting for internal and external stakeholders (management accounting / financial accounting). Financial accounting is based on accrual accounting instead of cash accounting. So while you record revenue when a sale is made, in most cases cash isn't...
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    USA Internship - failed class

    Complete your internship while working on improving your GPA (whether by retaking the failed class or improving overall grades). You can talk about your GPA when trying to get a full time job offer. IMO you shouldn't bring it up at this time as there is no need. Focus on doing an impressive job...
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    USA Advice for someone starting over at 43...

    Have you thought about becoming a travel writer? You can pursue it while doing the seasonal work or during your time off.
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    USA New to Acct. Clerk Typist job

    Do you know any accounting? What don't you understand? If you don't know the basics of accounting, then you need to learn that, otherwise you won't understand the process and things will seem confusing. You can learn bookkeeping concepts from a local institute / training center or on your own...
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    Treated like a secretary

    Yes, it depends on the size of the business and your work. Are you just responsible for recording transactions (basic bookkeeping / junior accounting functions) or budgeting and management decision making (senior accountant functions)? Some job tasks can roll over to other employee's work...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Happy New Year!
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    USA Duplicate Check Entries? Quickbooks

    Hi, Can you use a letter - number system so that checks you issue have one starting letter and checks your assistant issues have a different letter? That way you won't print checks with the same number.
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    Canada Work Opportunity

    Hi Hi, I would suggest you hire a local accounting firm that provides services to small business and new startups. Check your business directory for contact details.
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    USA Would I get hired?

    Hi Kevin, Do you want to work as a CPA? What are the requirements for getting a CPA certification (Education and work experience requirements)? Have you considered other certifications like CMA, CFC, CFA, etc. The type of certification you get would be based on the type of work you are...
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    USA Starting a career in accounting 6 years out of college

    Hi, If you want to work for your current employer in Accounts, see if you can get a temporary job as assistant to the head accountant while remaining employed in your current position or taking a few months off without pay, if your employer is willing to help you with the transition from your...
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    USA Newbie seeking education advice

    If you're interested only in bookkeeping functions, then you don't need to get a degree. A short diploma / certificate course that teaches you manual and computerized accounting is all you need imo. If you want to become a management or cost accountant and assist with management decision making...
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    ACCA without grtaduation

    Hi, I couldn't understand your question. Can you elaborate?