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    USA Payroll Liab. Problem....simple for you....I'm loosing it!

    Common problem! Go to the menu bar Employees > Payroll Taxes and Liabilities > Adjust Payroll Liabilities. Choose the "company" radio button and then select the item(s) that corresponds to the liabilities you want to affect. Enter amount as negative and then over on the right, click the...
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    Need help with entering as Dropshipper

    Yes, it all sounds correct. If you have no desire to track how each of the items is selling, then you could use just one "blind" non-inventory part item. This will not give you any management type reporting on the individual items sold.
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    Quickbooks hosted on server share problems

    Try running the free network diagnostic tool from Intuit. Here is a link: QuickBooks Support - QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool
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    USA LLC Tax question

    Unless the LLC makes an election to be taxed as an S or C corporation, then you are a partnership for federal tax purposes. The LLC will file form 1065 information return due three months after end of tax year (typically 3/15). The 1065 will produce three K-1 forms that will tell each partners...