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    USA Corporate vs. Public Accounting & How to Get There? Help!

    I was 30 when I decided to pass the CPA exam after six years in the accounting commercial banking. I already had my MBA. My wife worked in HR told me that having the license showed that I met a very high hurdle and the letter "CPA" would open more doors later in my career. So, I passed the...
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    USA Alimony deduction question

    I agree with your gut.
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    USA CPA Licensing

    I became a CPA in California in 1989. Looks like getting certified is getting much harder. :(
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    USA CPA Exam Software

    I am surprised no one answered you. I passed the entire exam in 1985 in California. All the studying was via paper study guides and the exams used a pencil. And, no calculators. I am feeling old. o_O
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    QuickBooks Accounting application Hosting

    My company uses the Enterprise version. We download that software to our accountant's computer and keep the company files and backup on Microsoft's cloud.