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    .sbb file

    i have pro 2009 and i can open all my old files, it just says it has to upgrade the data...
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    How to import old SBA2006 data to SBA 2009 Express, new install

    Download: .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
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    How to import old SBA2006 data to SBA 2009 Express, new install

    instead of importing to sba 2009, im sure on tinternet sumwhere u can actually download .net 1.1 as alot of apps still need this... this will then allow you to install sba2006 and get the customer back up and running, in the mean time create a test system and experiment on how to get the data...
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    Send Books error and Back Up error

    do you get an error when running the backup, if so...what?? in regards to sendbooks...i was told by mamut that this feature doesn't work on accounting anymore....
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    MOA VAT Return

    just wondering but on your server, how much of the 16gb is allocated to the sql server?? and how big is your database?? my database is getting on for 4gb and doesn't take that long...
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    Anyone have a copy of Express UK Version?

    hi there, i have moa2009gb and the sp3 for this which i can zip up and upload so u can download? regards mike
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    URGENT - Help required with export of full Customer List

    i hope you get a response with this as i have the same issue as we are thinking about moving to sage 50 proffessional
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    Can't open file - MS Office Accounting 2008

    right click your SBC file, open with notepad make sure it has the correct server name and sql instance.
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    UK Moa2009 pro

    We are running MOA 2009 pro, we have the main SBS2008 server where the database is held. then we have 3 pc's running moa2009 pro that connect to the server for accounting, now the problem is for some reason when all 3 are running accounting, it becomes slow all round the server has plenty of...
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    small business server 2008 and MSAO 2009

    as far as i remember, run a backup of your current database from whichever machine it is on, move the backup file to the server. open accounting, goto file>close company this then brings up a new menu, click restore accounting from a backup file. select the backup file and then select a name...