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    Accounting entries for Convertible promissory notes

    Hi, Need help.Could somebody please explain accounting treatments (entries): 1) May 2018 we issue 5% Convertible promissory notes - $6 000 000 2) Maturity date is May 2020
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    USA Best Tax Program

    What about ProConnect?
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    Personal Income Tax Return Preparation UK

    Hi, I would like to prepare PIT returns for UK residence. Since I am ACCA member and passed only UK papers I have general understanding of UK taxation, but practical advices could you give? What steps should I take to begin prepare and submit returns?
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    CPA exam for foreigners

    Hi there, I just got my ACCA membership and now decided to get CPA. As I see there are 3 main reguirements: 1) pass 4 exams; 2) Get 2 years experiance: 3) Get minimum 120 (150) semester hours of credit. Would I have exempt from points 2 and 3 if I have more then 10 years experiance in...
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    UK Vat registration out of scope services

    Hi! Can tell you from Ukrainian perspective that it is obligatory to register here (for Ukrainian companies) as VAT payer if revenue for previous 12 exceeded 1 mln UAH (about 37 thousand USD) Regards, Stanislav
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    Taxation in Delaware

    Thanks. Does interests received (from Ukraine) be treated as taxable income for US company (we doesn't pay withholding tax in Ukraine due to double tax treaty provision)?
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    Taxation in Delaware

    May be it is wierd question but do Corporation pay income tax in US (Delaware)?
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    Hi everyone! After almoust 10 years of working for international accounting companies decided to set up my own one. Currently is looking for new business purtners. My company is located in Ukraine. If someone is interested please do not hesitate to contact me:)
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Stanislav, I am from Ukraine. This year set up my own consulting company and looking for new experiance, knowladge and clients)))
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    USA Witholding Tax - US Citizen owning foreign business, doing business in USA

    Taxations very from country and kind of services your company provide, could you please clarify the question.