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    Plan financial for manufacturing or commercial companies

    Google is your friend:
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    Liquidators in London

    Best to contact firms directly and get quotes.
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    USA Michigan USE tax after 38 years?

    I find that generally if there is no response, it is not that we are not reading it, but rather the individual has nothing to add. So, writing "I don't know" is not very common here. Although this makes it appear that we are not paying attention. Perhaps that is something we can change. If we do...
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    USA Fuel?

    I'm not an expert in the US, but in short, you wouldn't. Because you are taking a standard deduction/reimbursement per mile, this includes all costs, fuel, insurance, repairs, etc. So fuel and insurance would be a 'personal' expense and only the mileage fees would be deductible.
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    Canada Do I need a university degree to take the CPA exam?

    Contacting the local CPA office directly and they can tell you if your specific college is recognized and can help guide you with what you need to qualify for the CPA program.
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    USA Recommendations for 3rd party services

    Sounds like you are looking for an event management firm as the third party, so that would not really be the specialty of this forum.
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    UK Utility bills deducted from salary

    To be fully 'legal' the deduction would need to be done after taxes, rather than before, as the water costs are not a factor of employment and do not actually reduce wages.
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    UK Insurance in Law Output VAT

    I have never heard of a course that specializes in output VAT. There are many income tax courses, but nothing that I know of for just VAT. To me, this seems like a matter of reading the regulations, reading opinion papers. Essentailly, become the internal 'expert' for VAT.
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    India Want to be an accountant after completing BBA .

    a combination CPA/MBA is probably a good idea as well. getting a CPA will help land the initial job, and the MBA will be useful as you grow in your career.
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    Payroll software

    Which country are you in?
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    USA One time purchase software

    I think Quickbooks can handle most of that, but I'm not sure about importing transactions.
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    USA Question regarding PO clearing account

    This depends on the system you use. How do you record the inventory received if you do not have a PO to record against?
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    Canada accountants suffer...

    I have noticed similar issues in the field. Things like a standard best practice chart of accounts. How to prepare a product/class/division P&L and how to maintain the entries. I actually have a plan to try to address this (just need to commit the time to building out said best practices) and...
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    USA Homework Question - Bond Issuance Price

    did you try google. this was the first result when searching Calculate Bond Price
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    USA Homework Question - Bond Issuance Price

    You need to attempt these yourself before we can offer assistance. Put in your calculations for the first one and we can help identify where you might be wrong.