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    USA Fund Accounting Journal Entry for transfers

    A client has several funds and at times needs to make a transfer between the funds. The balance sheet is simple, cash to cash. But the profit and loss statement isn't as straightforward. Where do I post the entries so that net assets will balances against Assets - Liabilities? E.g. Dr...
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    USA Quicken Home and Business 2001

    You can purchase external CD-ROM devices for fairly cheap. I keep one handy for the occasional disc. I don't use Quicken, so can't answer that for you.
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    USA Journaling

    1. Back in the day when the Books weren't digital, perhaps. You can post multiple entries per day. I see it all the time as an auditor. 2. Depends on the accountant and software. Separate entries make it cleaner. You may post multiple entries in a day. 3. Each Journal Entry must balance...
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    Gross Margin vs Net Profit (Newbie here)

    Is it loan interest expense or revenue? You add that figure to Net Margin, so it makes me believe it is a Revenue. I'd clarify that row header and use negative signs for subtractions. Also, are you subtracting out your Expenses in calculating Net Profit? Gross margin = Revenue less COGS...
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    USA Was accounting the right career?

    What type of accounting sector are you in? e.g. Manufacturing, Nonprofit, etc. If you'd like help with Vlookups and Pivot Tables, I'd be willing to write up a simple explanation or redirect you to YouTube or Excel websites. I self taught myself Excel functions and basic macros/VBA coding...
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    Auditing software?

    My company (8 employees) uses Checkpoint's PPC SMART. I don't know how it compares to any other programs.
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    USA 990-EZ amend & Net Assets fix

    I started working with a nonprofit and their 990-EZ doesn't appear to have been correctly filled out for the past several years. Should I amend or just fill out correctly from now on? It's a small organization with less than $100,000 in receipts. Their beginning/ending balances never match to...