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    USA Factoring AR

    I recently started working for a clothing wholesaler who uses a factor for their AR. Does anyone here have experience with using a factor company? My company works with QuickBooks and since factoring is new to me, I'm not feeling sure about entering transactions. Thanks for any information you...
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    USA What would you do in my place?

    I would also be suggesting to look at your resume. I recently went through looking for new employment and I found that when I had a traditional resume I wasn't getting calls for jobs I knew I was qualified for. When I made changes to it, such making the layout look more eye pleasing and cutting...
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    Treated like a secretary

    That does sound frustrating. I have not had that experience and I hope you find a position in a company that treats you better.
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    Hello everyone, First time forum member here. I recently started working for a clothing wholesaler who factors their AR. Working with a factor is new to me, so I'm hoping to find others with experience. I understand the basic concept of factoring but translating into how it should be entered...