1031 Reverse Exchange and Tax Form 8824



1. Taxpayer enters into a 1031 Reverse Exchange.
2. Replacement property is held by Exchange Accommodation
Titleholder on 03/27/2003.
3. The relinquished property is identified on 04/26/2003.
4. The actual exchanges of the properties occured in
06/30/2003. Taxpayer receives replacement property and
property is relinquished.

What dates do I insert on tax form 8824 for lines 4, 5, & 6?

It appears that the verbiage on the tax form is for
traditional 1031 exchanges. For example, line 5 asks for
the date the like-kind property you received was identified.
However, according to Rev Proc 2000-37, the 45 day rule is
for identifying which property is going to be relinquished
(i.e., not the replacement property).

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

Best Regards,


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