2 separate currency accounts



I was wondering if anyone knows if you can have 2 accounts in Money using
different currencies, for example, one account in CDN funds and one in USD
funds. Please reply if you know. Have a great day.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

I have accounts in Euro, US Dollar, GB Pounds and Cyprus Pounds all in
Money - you should be able to have multiple accounts in different



a Money 2004 user

I am using Money 2004, and I am able to create 1 accounts in CDN and another
one in US. However, I notice the cost value of my US-currency investments
changes on a daily basis, although I did not have any transactions during the
same period.
Is this because I update the exchange rate online?
I expect Money 2004 will keep track for me the true cost (both in US$[and it
does] and CDN$ at the time of the purchase transaction.

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