2005 Deluxe - Bill Reminders Outside of Money?


Daniel T

I found the Bill Reminder setting inside of Money 2005 Deluxe and it's
set to 10 days, but it seems Money Express is no longer available. Are
Bill Reminders available outside of Money or do you have to log into
Money all the time to see bill reminders?

Oh, BTW, just an FYI to say that Money Express startup run entry is
left in the registry during 2004 uninstall. Just in case you don't
know how to remove the registry entry, it's ok if it stays there.





HI Daniel

In my opinion, the bill reminder, is not one of Money's stronger assets. I
used it when I used Quicken, but have not even bothered loading it with
Money. It just in my opinion, defeats the purpose. Of course the many
features I like in money over quicken, makes it a small sacrifice.


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