I am a Money user but I do plan to test Quicken in the coming months.
My local Costco has only Deluxe for sale at $39.95. The box says that
Premium has more Investments capability. My question to Money users
who have seen or tested both 2010 Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premium,
how do they compare to Money 2007 Premium. (My experience is that BOTH
Money 2007 Deluxe and Money 2007 Premium have the SAME investment data
in the PROGRAM. The premium had capability to use third party
investment data but I am NOT concerned with that as far as my question
is concerned. Should I wait to get Quicken 2010 Premium to do a FAIR
comparison of the two products? Thanks for your input. Steve




I have the same question as you. I did purchase quicken 2010 Premier for
$59.95 at Best Buy recently but haven't installed it yet. I am moving to
windows7 on a new computer and plan on installing quicken 2010 premier on it
and start using it in parallel with Money plus to manage my investments. I do
approximately 15-20 trades/day (mostly options) and Money plus deluxe works
great for that. I then export into TaxCut (I guess now H&R Block) for
schedule D transactions which works great also. I hope that can be reproduced
in Quicken 2010. For now I will keep Money Plus Deluxe on my other computer
which is Vista based and as I get more into quicken 2010, I will update this

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