USA 2018 late filing & 2019 filing w/ Stimulus $

Apr 20, 2020
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United States

I use Turbo Tax H&B windows. So I filed (via mail to Fresno) for 2018 and my package was received April 6th 2020. I expect a refund (AGI in the 50K range). I have used direct deposit in the past for 2016 filing. 2017 was mailed in a check refund.

As such I have no info in my refund status nor Get My Payment for the stimulus $. Not even sure Fresno is processing now?

I have tried to e-file 2019 to push my AGI thru for Stimulus $ and a small refund.

TT reports it's being rejected. My pin has always been the same. Is this even possible to e-file until 2018 processes?

I used my 2018 AGI to verify, but i'm sure this is the problem. Should I use my 2017 AGI or do I need to wait till 2018 processes before I can file 2019?

Any idea how this then works with Stimulus $? Will I get a check eventually? Or will direct deposit still happen when the IRS finally processes my 2018?



Werner Reisacher

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Jun 30, 2017
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Here is a URL

The IRS is handling the stimulus fund distribution on behalf of the government but has no authority over it. They announced that for obvious reasons, they will initially not send paper checks to avoid that people show up at bank counters. Since they do not have the bank account # of everybody who is entitled to the payment, they opened a website that enables people to submit their bank information directly to them to speed up the process.
This answers at least one part of your problem. For your other problem, all I can recommend you is "try later". Their antiquated computer batch processing mainframe is not flexible enough to walk and chew at the same time. One thing at the time.
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