3-person Company Unhappy with Quickbooks


Clay Dreslough


I've been using Quickbooks for the last 4 years to keep the books for
a 3-person software development company (a Massachusetts S-Corp with
multiple shareholders).

Like many small businesses, my highest priority is being able to do my
taxes without ending up in jail. All other accounting functions are
secondary at this point.

As a software developer, I'm really unhappy with Quickbooks.
Everything from file management to importing data is klunky with
confusing (or wrong) error messages and help files.

Maybe it's because I've only spent a few hundred hours with Quickbooks
and I'm still learning it's tricks, but it seems like Quickbooks Pro
2004 isn't much better than the version they put out 4 years ago.

At times I feel like I'd be better off using Excel to track my
transactions. My accountant uses Quickbooks, and asks me to do the
same, but it doesn't seem like much of a time-saver. I still spend a
lot of time and money each year clarifying the entries with my
accountant or his assistants.

I'm wondering if Quickbooks is the wrong software for my needs. Is
there a simpler package that won't have me spending so much time and
money just to comply with income tax law?


Clay Dreslough
Sports Mogul Inc.




Hi Clay:

I saw this post on another newsgroup and tried to reply. Not sure If it went
through or not.

Quickbooks may be the wrong software for your needs. I use QB in my practice
for those clients who either don't want or can't do the necessary steps to
a more sophisticated software program. I have one that is a module of my
Accounting package that is called "Bookkeeping Solution". The client enters
data into that module, either emails it to me or send me a CD-Rom with the
data. I import the entries into my system and then post them to the GL.
cleaning the entries up, A financial statement is prepared and any necessary
business tax returns spit out , be it payroll or income tax returns.

With the internet, remote processing of data is very easily accomplished.

Contact me should you require any additional information.
Bruce Raskin, CPA
Small Business and Individual Tax and Accouting Services



Christy Yale

I am a bookkeeping service and have used QuickBooks since 1999 (& other
accounting programs). I have found that the set-up of the chart of
accounts, items and how entries are made really can make a user happy or
very mad at the program. I am also a tax preparer and I know that I want my
clients QB to tell me in order to prepare a tax return that balances with
the QB data.

I billed more than 100 hours last year to fix and re-structure QB for
clients so that their work is easier, more accurate and gives the tax
preparer good information. QB does work and for the price it is a good

What is your real problem with QB? Sales tracking & sales taxes, vendor
issues, inventory issues or over-all reporting? Did you make the mistake of
using one of the sample chart of accounts in QB.....I have found hat most
companies are not happy with these. I can suggest other programs but they
are not easier to use and are more costly.

Christy Yale
Christy's Bookkeeping Service
(e-mail address removed)

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