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S. L. Richardson

Does anyone have any recommendations concerning the American Funds' 529
plan? I believe its called the "College America" plan or somesuch. We have
twins on the way and my broker sent me this to consider.

Also, as I understand it we can put money into this *now* for our unborn
kid's sake, but we just can't name them beneficiary until they're born
(e.g., I'd have to name someone else). Is this accurate?

Finally, my broker is telling me instead of placing "$" a year, all at once,
into the plan (and my SEP, too) he says put it in monthly at a rate of 1/12
of X per month. Dollar cost averaging, plus smoothing out market
fluctuations is the argument supposedly (as I understand it). Thoughts?

Thanks in advance - as an aside, as a tax/estate planning attorney this
newsgroup is an excellent source of educational material for me.

Jason Richardson
Attorney, CPA
Sherman, Texas



~^ beancounter ~^

it is a good plan....most american products
are "safe"...especially, if you are in it for
the long haul & dollar cost average...imho....
expenses are nice and low...track record
is impressive...

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