A complete ERP system for less than £ 50.=?


Van Someren\(TM\)

Now, even the smallest of small businesses no longer have to buy a 5-user
ERP-SB license, thanks to the introduction of a 1-user license, offered now
at less than £ 50.= !

To get it, just visit our Internet store at:

What will this £ 50.= buy you?

Well, for instance:
-Stock Management
-Cash Management
-Bank reconciliation
-General Ledger
-Accounts Receivable
-Accounts Payable
-Purchase Orders
-Sales Orders
-Audit Trail Tracking
-Customer Resource Management
-Supplier Resource Management
-Chart of Accounts
-Instant Statements
-Intrastat Features
-Sales History
-Timely payment control
-Payment advice
-Multiple Locations
-Multiple Companies
-Multi Currency
-Real-time processing
-Data compatible with office applications
-Multi lingual support
And much more ...

Available in multiple languages for multiple countries.
Functionality can even be expanded with 'add on modules', such as our
consolidation module and (other) utilities.

For more information about ERP-SB, please visit:


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