Ability to change template storage location would be nice.



It would be very nice to be able to change my template location. So I could
setup one shared template location for all of our accounting computers to
access. I have had to reinstall OS on three machines in two years and each
time I have to dig up and basically recreate the custom templates. I have
them saved now but it's still not as easy as just repointing the templates to
a shared location.

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Sep 9, 2009
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Just cant change the template location with MSOA 2009.

Yes I agree with you. We have 4 client machines and a Business server.
I have templates on my machine.There is no way I can share this template from a common location. I had to manually copy this template on all the 4 machines.

We just cant change the template location.Since eventually all the templates would have to be on the server,my manager suggested me a nice idea called "Folder Redirection" which I tried.

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