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Jun 21, 2022
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United Kingdom

I'm looking for an accountant who uses Xero as that’s what I use and pay the monthly subscription along with 'Receipt Bot'.

We are a construction company, turn over 200-300k per annum, will need a CIS savvy accountant and one that can save us money ;).

The outline of our requirements would be something like:
  • Initially register new share allocation to be discussed (one of fee)
  • Company tax returns
  • Annual accounts
  • Confirmation statement
  • Payroll for 3 directors
  • 2 x SA Returns
  • Bookkeeping rate?
Also need share allocation doing for 2 of the directors, these would be 'B' shares with no voting rights!

Thank you, sorry if this is in the wrong category, please move it admins if it is.

Regards, Steve


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