Account balance workaround for Money 2007



As many have discovered the Account balances report in Money 2007
inaccurately displays the current value of accounts instead of the value of
the accounts for the chosen date range.

A workaround is to create a customized Net Worth over Time report.

1-From Reports Home under Assets and Liabilities select the report Net worth
over time.
2-Select Customize...from the left side-panel.
3-Select the Rows&Columns tab, for Show balances by: select, Years, for
Display As: select Details and Total.
4-Select the Chart tab, for View as select Report.
5-Select the Date tab, for Range select Year to date.
6-The Account and Font tabs you can do with as you like.
7-Click Apply and OK.

This should create a report very similar to the Account balances report but
with the proper balance for the chosen date range.



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