Account Executive in Kansas MO

Dec 12, 2008
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This is an outside sales position that only requires travel within the metro area. The company's close ratio is very high, so this is not the kind of sales position where you make a million cold calls to close an account. The sales cycle is short and they have no need to pressure prospects to gain their business. They are a service oriented company, which is why they give you a reward for good support of your account base. They are the opposite of a bureaucratic organization. The company's owners lead the day-to-day business operations and are open-minded to great ideas from everyone on the team.

Job Qualifications
A BIG #1 HAVE TO HAVE B2B SALES EXPERIENCE, also has had experience in building relationships - 2+ years experience #2 Must be eager to learn #3 Do need some experience in phone system/phone sales, etc. This opportunity is for people looking to take

Contact me at or talk with me, thanks.


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