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Sep 1, 2009
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My name is Pete, I’m an Independent Financial Adviser based in Nottingham. I advise my clients on a broad range of issues including investments, pensions, tax planning and protection. My client bank is spread across the UK from Aberdeen to Plymouth!

I am 32 years old. I have been a financial adviser for the last 7 years, and a director at Benson McGarvey Ltd for the last 2 years.

Within the business, we have some excellent connections across the world of sports and media – as well as some established relationships with accountants, lawyers and SME business owners and entrepreneurs. I am now at a stage where I would like to develop my client bank further and build mutual relationships with quality accountants. I completely understand that this is a ‘two way street’ and in order for me to receive introductions (hopefully from some of you guys here!), I need to be able to offer accountancy referrals back to you – which I am able to do.

As well as being able to refer new clients, I can also offer generous introducer payments via fee / commission splits.

Although the sports connections are very nice, I certainly don’t want to be ‘typecast’ as only working with sports and media clients. I come from a fairly steady (dare I say boring!) pensions background and I have a degree in Economics – so I understand the fundamentals of investing money, how the economy works and crucially, how this relates back to my clients.

Essentially, I am looking to build some relationships with accountants who are happy to refer clients for financial planning advice, in return for accountancy referrals and a fee sharing arrangement with me.

I am looking forward to building some mutually beneficial relationships with accountants.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please drop me a line.

Best wishes



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