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May 21, 2010
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What is needed in an accountant's certificate? We were supposed to receive certified accounts for some 'service charges' spent by our managing agent at our property. However, we suspect that they are not valid - basically because we know that they never provided the items listed (eg gardeners, cleaners etc). We are very concerned therefore to receive these 'certified accounts' signed by an accountant.

Would the accountant have just signed off of the accounts based on sight of the invoices (ie what we believe are 'faked), ie he wouldn't know that they were faked. Or would he have expected to see the proof of expenditure (eg bank statements) or receipted invoices?

The accountant has simply said 'we have examined the foregoing statement of expendititure. In our opinion the statement fairly summarises the details of expenditure which have been presented to us in accordance with the requirements of section 21 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, and are sufficiently supported by accounts, receipts and other documents produced'.

What can we assume the accountant did - and can we ask them?

We have to go to a Tribunal and we really need to know if we can argue against these accounts - we hope we can as otherwise this company has convinced an accountant to sign off on possibly fraudulent expenses and we will never get our money back.

Any help would be most gratefully received.


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