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Hello Everyone, I am going to start taxation & bookkeeping business here in
British Columbia, Canada. What software would you recommend for bookkeeping?
For tax T1 & T2, I decided to use Profile from Intuit Canada. Thanks for any



Wolfgang Rochow

In my opinion, that depends to some degree upon what type of clientele you
are after and the type of professional services you want to provide in
addition to bookkeeping (write-up), if any. The type of clientele may also
depend upon where you are located (I spent the first years of my
professional life in the East Kootenays and a brother (also a CGA) practiced
in Burnaby - both of us had a totally different client mix.).

If you are interested in talking about it in more detail, contact me via
email with your phone number and I'll call you.

Wolfgang Rochow, CGA
Calgary, AB, Canada
(e-mail address removed)



Celtic Ferret

If you choose to specialize in only QuickBooks master it frontwards and
backwards. too many accountants don't know it well enough to do the proper
job their clients need. Keep multiple versions on hand. Conisder adding QB
set up to your biz services offered. I did quite well with it, when I was
working as a QB consultant. I preferred the teaching and set up to write up
bookkeeping. I did both, with most of my income coming from set ups,
cleanups and updating the books and training office bookkeepers to use it.
I didn't advertise as a tax preparer, a luctravie business in and of itself.

Ultimately closed my biz do to health problems and can't face starting up
with no capital, long hours and roping the family into helping me put
mailings together.


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