Accounting/Bookkeeping software recommendations



company details are as follows;

- beverage distribution
- one size and flavour in regular and diet, so essentially only 2 products
- single supplier
- as many customers as possible (from mom and pop stores to big box)
- fleet and delivery costs built into product price
- standard office expenses for 25+ employees
- company size is currently small, but will outsell all market brands in
the future, so I don't want something that will be outgrown over time.

It would be preferred if costs could be kept low, but, as is often the case
with software, this may not be realistic.

I would like there to be minimal training required to use it, as the
primary user will likely have minimal bookeeping experience.

A variety of users will require access concurrently, as warehousing, A/R,
A/P, payroll etc could be controlled by different users.

Field integration for delivery reps has been looked at, but I am unsure if
this is worth the hassle with the simplicity of the operation (ie. single

I have looked breifly at software by Blytheco (BusinessWorks) and I am
interested in thoughts and opinions on this and others.

I have been using Quickbooks 2003 with another company for about a year now
and feel that the more common accounting softwares have little appeal. I
would be much more interested in a software that is more tailored to this
organizational structure.




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